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Video: Welcome Boarding Families

Our close-knit community offers a healthy, supportive atmosphere where relationships are cultivated based on warmth, mutual respect, and genuine concern—essential qualities for living together harmoniously. The Getting Ready Guide and Sample Orientation Booklet contain useful tips for making a seamless transition to boarding life and outline steps activities that make boarders feel at home in their new environment.

Focus: Community Spirit


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Community Life

Our diverse, vibrant, and multicultural boarding community is centered on strong principles, which include trust, tolerance, and fellowship.

Mutual respect and cooperation are key to an inclusive atmosphere where boarding students form important bonds with faculty and with each other. Students also benefit from tailored, individualized attention. Ten boarding faculty live in separate apartments on campus on the same floors as our student dorm rooms. An emphasis on furthering individual as well as group awareness and confidence is stressed as students learn self-direction and develop the maturity to make informed decisions. Students are contributing members to St. Stephen’s both within the school and through various programs that extend beyond the classroom.

Feature: Student Perspectives

Curious about boarding life at St. Stephen’s?

We offer a diverse group of forty-seven boarders a comfortable, positive, safe, and stimulating environment that values all of its members. If you’re curious to learn more about boarding life at St. Stephen’s, click on the video to the left and hear what our boarders have to say about their experience.

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